Time Off from the Trenches of Life

This is Lent, a season for giving something up and spending time with the Lord – for those who are traditional Christians. 

For non-Christians and even atheists it is not a bad idea to set aside a time to try and get a little more control over some bad habits; like deciding on a season to seriously work on quitting smoking as opposed to making some New year’s resolution guaranteed to fall flat by January second. 

For everyone, it is a good idea to take a season to let go of some of the pulls and tugs of this rapid paced world and relax.  Like set down the cell phone, stay off the internet, avoid the multi-media attractions of our age and spend time in the real world.  How about give up the news for a whole week and spend that week camping and communing with nature.

Whatever you decide, for me, it is Lent and the Lord, and the thing I have (mostly) given up is blogging.  (Like a person trying to diet, this blog is me falling off the wagon).  Yes, I continue to post the stories of the Traveler on my Storyteller blog, but that is because they are already written.  Yes, I continue to post Lectionary Reflections on my Word & Spirit blog, but that is because Sundays happen, even in Lent.  But for the rest of it, I have let it go for a time.

Why?  Because unless you are the type to just sit and ramble (and many are), blogging takes a great deal of effort of the heart and mind.  It can also be very time consuming – time I can spend on other writing, fiction and non-fiction, or time I can spend (in my case) with the Lord and in his Word.  Time off also gives me a chance to reflect on just what this blogging business is all about, and that is something that is hard to do when I am in the midst of it.

Like most bloggers, I want to be able to reach people, to interest them in my words and world and begin to build an audience for both my stories and my ministry of the Word and Spirit, but I wonder how effective daily blogging really is.  I feel for now it is more work than return, which is effort and time I could be spending on other venues.

Thus, I think I am going to stop trying to blog three days per week on each blog (which is six days per week or the equivalent of a daily blog).  Instead, I am going to try twice a week each.


Storyteller:  On writing, telling stories and writerly stuff like wise words for writers.

Word & Spirit: On ministry, meditations and common sense teachings and reflections.


Storyteller:  Avalon, the Series, season 1 – weekly, just like the old movie serials where several parts make a full episode.

Word & Spirit: Lectionary Reflections for the coming Sunday.

What do you think?


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