Traveler: Storyteller Tales: Across the Universes

            Melanie fell back on the couch and began to thrash about.  Glen jumped up.  He wanted to hold her and tell her everything would be alright, but he hesitated.  Finally, he consented, went away and allowed Bridget to take his place.  She went straight for the girl and hugged her.

            “Hold on,” Bridget said.  “I’ve got you.”

            After a while the thrashing subsided.  Melanie was full of sweat and tears, but she seemed in her right mind until she realized the man was gone and there was a woman beside her brushing her hair and wiping the sweat from her brow like a mother hen.

            “What happened to Glen?  Where did he go?”

            “He is right here.”  Bridget tapped her head.  “But he decided the way you were suffering and half out of your mind it might be best to leave you in a woman’s hands.  My name is Bridget.”

            “Bridget?”  Melanie scooted back from her touch.  “Are you an alien?  A shape shifter?”

            “No.”  Bridget laughed.  “Just the worst case of split personality in history.  And it is terribly difficult to keep things straight.  You see, I haven’t been born yet.”

            Melanie was back to shaking her head.  “Weird,” she said, but she appeared to be fully recovered and in record time, like she had help on the inside, which she did.  The Gaian were filled with nano-chits, not silicon nightmares, but organic, microscopic chits which acted like little computers but without the ability for self-awareness.  They could heal a Gaian from the most grievous wounds as well protect their minds from unlawful intrusion.

            “I get called weird a lot,” Bridget confessed.  “But I have dealt with an abomination like this one, or will in the future.  Anyway, this is a new design for me.  Tell me about this, what did she call herself, Nelkorian?”

            Melanie took a deep breath.  “James Nelkor experimented with the genetic code like Doctor Frankenstein.  He made a monster who promptly killed him and replicated itself in both male and female forms.  They feasted on their poor earth and that should have been the end of it, but one of them discovered how to rip open the dimensions and move from earth to earth.  That was when the Gaian went to war.  The war was officially over more than a hundred years ago, but obviously some Nelkorians escaped.  Now they are multiplying again and starting to seed the worlds like they wanted to at first.  The poor human race won’t stand a chance in any universe unless we do something.”

            “Yes, but do what, precisely?”  Bridget fell deep into thought to consider her options, or was it Glen considering his options since it was his life.  Did it amount to the same thing?  Bridget left and Glen returned, and to her credit, Melanie only gasped a little.

            “You must be that one,” Melanie said, but Glen did not listen.  Through Alice of Avalon he was in contact with himself in trillions of worlds, alternate earths, not like individual contact, but like a consensus of voices that came together rather quickly.  He spoke again when he came out from his introspection.

            “I’m glad the number of alternate universes is still limited, though that number is growing every day.

            “Why is that?”

            “I mean, I am glad there is not some evil Glen out there in the worlds.  I appear to be a pretty consistent fellow.”

            Melanie’s eyes got big.  “You are.  You just talked to all of your other selves across trillions and trillions of alternate realities?”  She could not believe it.

            “Yes, well, no, not really.  It was more just a general point of agreement.  And by the way, this is a different James Nelkor.  You know he appeared in multiple earths as well.  Most were not advanced enough for him to do his work, but a few were.  I don’t know who interfered with his work in most places.”

            “The Elders,” Melanie suggested.

            “More than likely,” Glen agreed.  “Anyway, we get to play nexus.  So let’s see what we can do.”

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