Traveler: Storyteller Tales: Vordan 4

            Glen got up early despite the fact that he had so little sleep in the night.  Pumpkin slept on the pillow on the floor next to Boston who was curled up in a ball and shivered against the cold tile.  As he rose, Glen took his hospital blanket and covered the girl, and he smiled because he managed to do it without waking her or the fairy.  Then he tip-toed towards the infirmary exit only to discover that Alice was up, waiting.

            “Don’t think you are going to get away,” she whispered.  “I have more questions now than ever.”

            Glen hushed her and took her hand to minimize the noise.  It didn’t help.  Pumpkin zoomed up to land on Glen’s shoulder before the door shut.

            “Where we going?” The fairy asked in the same kind of whisper Alice used. 

            “Apparently nowhere.”  Alice spoke out loud.  There was a soldier with a gun in the hallway.

            “Sir.  Mam.  I need to see your papers.”

            “What is this all about?”  Alice, the lawyer took the lead. 

            “Marines, Mam.  The President is taking over this operation, now I would appreciate seeing your papers.”

            “Pumpkin.  Go get our papers,” Glen said.

            “Yes, Lord,” Pumpkin responded and zoomed back into the room.  She turned the door handle with a bit of magic dust. and the poor marine got his first look at a real, live fairy.  His eyes got very big and his mouth opened wide.

            “That is very good, wouldn’t you say?”  Alice nudged Glen.  She decided to approach all of this from a different angle.  “My reaction was not nearly that photogenic.”

            “I don’t know—“ Glen hedged but Pumpkin returned before he could say more.

            “But we haven’t got any papers,” Pumpkin said as she hovered in Glen’s face.

            “Hey, hey!”  The marine caught two more marines in the hallway and waved them to join him.  The woman was instantly enchanted, but the man wanted to reach for his gun.”

            “None of that.”  Glen, Alice and the first marine, a sergeant spoke more or less together before Glen continued.

            “The director is in there, asleep.  You need to stay here and see she is not disturbed.”  He spoke to the trigger happy man before he turned to Pumpkin.  “You need to ride on Alice’s shoulder.  She has hair you can hide in.”  He turned to the sergeant.  “You are in over your head, but you are welcome to come along if you want to keep an eye on us.”  He turned to the woman marine.  “You need to tell the President he is ticking me off.  I told him we would be there this afternoon.”  He turned last to Alice who squinted as if the fairy might hurt when she  settled on her shoulder.  “And you need to be working on that treaty.”  Glen smiled.  “There, did I miss anyone?”

            The woman marine raised her hand and Glen nodded in her direction.  “Can I come, too?”

            “Sure, where are we going?”  Glen heard the words and turned around.  It was Lockhart in his wheelchair and Boston was behind him, yawning.

            “The assistant director.”  Glen identified Lockhart.  The Sergeant straightened up which caused the other two marines to come to attention.

            “Sir.  The President’s compliments.  He feels after the events of yesterday this base needs protecting.”

            Lockhart frowned.  Glen spoke up.  “Alice.  Open that laptop.  Check the Code of Establishment in the Charter, article 17, section c I think.  I believe you will find this organization was established to function independently from the three federal branches.  Neither the President nor the Congress has the right to send troops or even visit without asking first, or something to that effect.”

            “My God!”  Alice shrieked.  “This says the organization was established by the Continental Congress.  Look.  Look there.  John Adams.  Thomas Jefferson.”

            “Article 17.”  Glen interrupted and tapped the computer.  “I insisted that be in there.  Ben understood.”

            “Ben?”  Boston spoke through her yawn.

            “Ben Franklin.”  That woke her up.

            “I’ve read the Code.”  The voice came from down the hall.  All three marines snapped to serious attention and saluted.  The colonel returned their salute.  “The President figures you are so secret, who is going to know?”

            “I’ll know,” Glen said.  The Colonel was not impressed until Glen remembered where he saw this man before.  “What?  Area 51 get flattened when the Vordan brought their battleships to earth?”

            The Colonel stared at him for a second while Glen’s words sunk in  “Very perceptive,” the Colonel answered, but his words were overshadowed by the shouts.

            “What?  No!  When?”  The loudest shout was from behind the infirmary door.  Bobbi came barreling out, half-dressed.  “Are you sure?  Those battleships came to earth?”

            Glen nodded, gave Bobbi a good morning hug and started to walk at a quick pace toward the front door.  Alice jumped, closed the laptop and hurried to catch up.  Pumpkin complained about the bumpy ride.  The marine woman and the Sergeant were a step behind.  Lockhart came last, but Boston got up on the foot rests on the back of the wheelchair and Lockhart turned on the electric motor so they caught up quickly.  Glen felt bad about leaving Bobbi to deal with Colonel dipstick, but he had things to do.

            “The red shack still out back?” he asked.

            “Yep,” Lockhart answered.

            “The thing still on ice?”

            “Mostly,” Boston said.

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