My Universe: The Younger Races in the Pre-Modern Age

Back in the days of Charles Martel, Charlemagne and King Aelfred of Wessex, out on the edges of the Humanoid sphere in space, there were a number of younger races untouched by the Wolf that were ready to move into Humanoid space and enter the big time.  Sadly, there was no clear leader among them, and so for some 600 years after the Wolf they clashed, one with the other.  Twice there were battles on earth that should have come nowhere near the earth.  It seemed for a while that it was going to be a pattern, and not a healthy one for the human race.

The “Apes” (ape-like creatures that could separate a human head from a body with their bare hands) came from -20 degrees eliptic north +30.  They were a peaceful people for the most part, but very territorial.  Once claimed, they would defend their territory to the death.  Surrender was not an option.

The “Flesh Eaters” (people who could easily pass for your neighbor if they did not show their sharp teeth and who liked their flesh raw and saw us as we might see a field of ripe strawberries) came from +70 degrees to the east -10.  They landed in England as against the Apes in France.

The Apes built a second base in Sweden to protect their flank, but the Flesh Eaters countered with a base in Morocco near the Algerian border.  Naturally there was a battle, mostly in North Africa, but it ended in the alps, just shy of Bavaria around Y1K.  Needless to say, neither side won, and there were men there to clean up the remains, but it was a close encounter of the kind no one would ever want.  Sadly, those men did not know that worse was coming.

From almost perfectly -90 degrees (straight out from the south pole) there came a single people who were busy fighting among themselves and in the process brought a large part of our small corner of the galaxy into the argument.  Apparently, at one point the people needed to defend themselves from another people, and they did two things that must never, ever be done.  Never.

One group enhanced their abilities to fight and became connected one to the other by cybernetic technology.  The other group sought to enhance their abilities through controlled mutations.  They actually toyed with their own genetic code.  By the time they came to earth, they had long since forgotten the threat that got them started.  Indeed, they had destroyed their own planet: brothers fighting brothers and with such cyborg and mutant capabilities they dwarfed any such confrontation that might have taken place during the American Civil War.  Of course, this was long before the United States convulsed itself, but you get the idea of what it was like.

The Cyborgs landed in Normandy just as William was ready to move on England.  They hid there because things were not going well in space.  Roughly 50 years later, a group of Mutants landed in Japan and hid because things were not going well in space for them, either.

They discovered each other after another seventy years or so and that battle raged from the Caspian Sea to Nepal before the two groups escaped once again into space.  Poor Marco Polo ran across some mutant remnants not far from the silk road where they had burrowed in and, using some Agdaline-like cryogenic technology, remained dormant and hopefully undetectable until it was safe to come out…

Apart from these close encounter events, there are two others that should be mentioned because they had a much more long-lasting effect on the earth.  When Richard the Lionheart was in the Holy Land and John was botching up rule in England, the Kargill made its first visit to the earth.  It did not stay at that time, but it did lay claim to our world, whatever that meant.

Some years after Marco Polo, in fact not long before the battle of Pointier, the Reichgo visited.  The Reichgo are the ones most people think of when someone says the word “ET.”  Pictures of the Reichgo have appeared on book covers, on television and appear regularly in those supermarket magazines.  You know the ones I mean.

No one knows what the Kargill looks like, except one person—but that is a story.

With the arrival of the Reichgo and the Kargill, though, we leave the pre-modern era of the Younger Races and enter into the Modern Era, because between them, the Reichgo and Kargill impose some stability on the space ways—the most stability since the Humanoid era, or really almost since the Anazi Empire.


Every creative writer must be inventive–even in crafting the most mainstream, realistic story.  The setting must be a world in which the characters can live and breathe and interact.  These posts are inventive, yes, but encouragement to think through your own work and flesh out your world.  Your vision will likely be different, but so it should.

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