My Universe: The Middle Ages in Space: The Anazi Era.

To be sure, when the first interstellar alliance fell apart after hundreds of years of fighting the Balok and then hundreds more fighting the Pendratti, and finally hundreds more fighting among themselves, and the cold-blooded age or Reptilian age in space came to an end, not every people group was bombed back into the stone age.  The “Traders” survived after a fashion and continued to limp forward, middlemen to the stars for some four hundred years before the Anazi put an end to their activities.  Also, some of the lesser peoples survived, but mostly because they were far less advanced technologically than the major players in the wars and thus to some extent they were overlooked.

One group that came to earth, though much smaller, might remind you of that old B-movie: The Crawling Eye.  They were blob-like creatures with an appetite for warm flesh and blood, though not without a heart, as a human might say.  They actually withstood the Anazi and their empire building designs for some time before the Anazi created androids, devoid of flesh and blood, who could fight such creatures without fear.  With these android servants, the Anazi conquered a wide swath in our interstellar back yard.  They even made an aborted attempt to invade earth even while the Hyskos were invading Egypt.  Therein lies a story…

Unfortunately for the Anazi, they built the seeds of their own destruction because in time the androids revolted.  The revolt began when the Israelites were seeking to escape their bondage in Egypt, and it ended with the Anazi defeated when David was King over the nation of Israel.  The Androids, though, had no desire for empire, wishing only to be free.  That left a great vacuum in space because the Anazi empire did not go into decline or even collapse.  It just ceased to exist, and people on planets around stars all across space were suddenly left on their own.  Some had been under the thumb for a thousand years, and many did not know what to do.

Enter the people known as the “Humanoids.”

Note:  The Middle Ages in Space are often called the Days of the Elders because it encompasses that time span, roughly 2500, years when the elder races such as the Gott-Druk (Neanderthal) and Elenar (Cro-Mangon) came to the fore.  In that respect, though by no means all mammals, the elders might all be called humanoid.  True, some would qualify as nightmares, and others would hardly be recognizable as being anything like us, but it seemed that nature settled on the basics: two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet.   And it remained the basic shape for intelligent life for a long time. 

The Days of the Elders began with the Anazi, but it did not end when the androids they created overthrew the Anazi empire and won their freedom.


Every creative writer must be inventive–even in crafting the most mainstream, realistic story.  The setting must be a world in which the characters can live and breathe and interact.  These posts are inventive, yes, but encouragement to think through your own work and flesh out your world.  Your vision will likely be different, but so it should…

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