My Universe: Ancient Days and Ancient People in Space

When the human race was still working in stone and bone, before the Neolithic came fully to a close, the skies between the stars were already being traversed, sparsely, only here and there, but by the first intelligent beings from a few of the seed worlds or from the worlds to which those “people” had been moved.  (I am using the term “people” most loosely, but it became universal convention around 2500 AD to describe all forms of intelligent life rather than the pejorative “species”).

I mentioned the Agdaline in an earlier post, a race of blithering geniuses who looked like refugees from Easter Island.  They came to earth in those early days to trade with the Gott-Druk (Neanderthal) and Elenar (Cro Mangon), traveling in their sub-light sleepers, as they were called.  They were one of the first to go beyond the boundaries of their own solar system and actually travel among the stars.  Of course, they were hardly able to enjoy the journey in part because the enjoyment section of their brain was very small.  They were a serious people with a tendency to paranoia.  But mostly it was because during the slow, plodding journey between the stars, they were “asleep” in cryogenic-like suspension chambers.  At slower than the speed of light, the journey between the stars could take years.

When the Agdaline accidentally destroyed their home world and sent that moon hurtling toward Earth, they were forced to share their barely better than rocket science with the Gott-Druk and the Elenar who were promptly evacuated from the earth and lead to new worlds where they could build and start again.  The Agdaline, however, were not helped (by the powers in the earth).  They had to send out the fleets in search of a new home, a task in those old sleepers that might take several thousand years. 

Of those three, the Gott-Druk were in fact the first to return, around 4150 BC.  On seeing that the flood waters had receded and the earth was renewed, they became determined to reestablish their rule over the lands they once claimed.  Fortunately for us, the Elenar never really trusted their “cousins” and let me just say the confrontation that took place between them was volcanic.

The first Agdaline ships returned to the earth about a hundred years later.  There were, in fact, two fleets that met, and one had found a world which they believed would make a perfect new home world for the race.  Unfortunately, the other fleet returned one ship short, having encountered another advanced species, and not a friendly one.  For the moment, though, the potential threat from the sky was less of a problem than how to leave a sign for other Agdaline who might return to the earth at any point in the next several thousand years.  Those returnees needed some way to find that perfect new home world, and the Agdaline were not allowed to establish a colony on earth and wait.  A compromise solution was found, but that is a story unto itself.  Perhaps, though, they should have been more concerned about the skies.

The next Agdaline return, some 90 years later, brought the Agdaline and hot on their tail, the Balok, a snake-like species that had a great talent for genocide.  The Balok felt they should be the only intelligent species in the universe, and they became very good at war and eventually at wiping whole planets clean.  That was a very dangerous time for us homo sapiens with our sticks and stones, sinew and bones.  Again we were fortunate, or perhaps the powers intervened, but the Balok never found their way to earth again.  What did come to earth were representatives of the three primary species that stood up against the Balok for nearly a thousand years.  The first was a cold-blooded people who from all outward appearances might otherwise pass for human.  Legend knows them as the Bluebloods.  Then came the Sevarese, a word which means “angry people” and they were.  Last came the Pendratti, another reptilian species that had a great drive to control and organize their environment.  The term “retentive” hardly does justice to the Pendratti mindset.

First, to their credit, the Pendratti organized the original interstellar alliance found anywhere in our corner of the galaxy.  And with the Sevarese and Bluebloods, the Pendratti finally eradicated the Balok.  Of course, the myth says there are still some out there, but you know how the conspiracy theorists will talk.

Second, to their discredit, the Pendratti then tried to control the other species in the alliance.  The Bluebloods, who had some experience of the concept of slavery in their own early history, were the first to revolt.  Soon enough, others revolted, and as the alliance fell apart, first there were factions and then it devolved into everyone for themselves.  And in the midst of all this, like gasoline on the fire, a species of merchants known only as the “Traders” fanned the flames that were so good for business.

By the time the Sevarese created the designer disease that wiped out the Pendratti, it was too late.  By then, the Old Kingdom in Egypt was in full swing, the Sumarians were building their own empires, The Hsian were first establishing a dynasty along the Huang Ho and the Minoans were controlling the trade in the Mediterranean.  By then, small groups of survivors from the interstellar wars were scattering across the stars, and for the most part reverting to their own kind of stone age existence.

Space became quiet at last, and relatively empty for a time apart from the Agdaline sleepers which were still slowly wending their way between the stars.


Every creative writer must be inventive–even in crafting the most mainstream, realistic story.  The setting must be a world in which the characters can live and breathe and interact.  These posts are inventive, yes, but encouragement to think through your own work and flesh out your world.  Your vision will likely be different, but so it should.

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