Traveler: Storyteller Tales: Pumpkin Seeds: Armor in the Morning

            When the sun was about to rise, Glen’s eyes popped open.  Sandra snuggled into his shoulder, and with the little bit of new light, he looked over at the elves.  He felt embarrassed.  He saw Ellean snuggle up to Macreedy and Macreedy looked at her with a loving expression and tenderly brushed her long black hair behind her ear.

            “Ahem.”  Glen coughed softly and Macreedy looked more than slightly embarrassed.  “This is a switch.  It is usually the women who wake up before the lazy men.” 

            “Oh, we’re awake,” Ellean said, and Macreedy jumped back as if stung by a bee.

            “We?”  Glen asked.

            “We are,” Sandra confirmed without opening her eyes.  She shifted her head in Glen’s shoulder and reached for his other shoulder with her free hand.  She seemed to want to snuggle some more, but Glen noticed what he was wearing, and though he was not exactly naked, he jumped further than Macreedy.  He got out from beneath the covers altogether.  All he had on was a t-shirt and boxers, though when he examined the clothes, he caught a glimpse of Fairy Weave.

            “What is this?”  He asked as he sat on Sandra’s bed and covered up.  He thought dark blue, and his weave turned dark blue which was better than the almost translucent white it had been.

            “The magic came in the night,” Ellean said.  “I was surprised that it did not wake you.”

            “Lord Alderon said you are to put this on.”  Macreedy pointed to a suit of armor, chain on leather.  It sat neatly laid out at the end of Sandra’s unused bed.  There were swords and knives with the outfit, and a cape that looked reversible, with black on one side and white on the other.

            “But I…”  Glen was not in a position to argue.  He got into the outfit as rapidly as he could and found that it fit perfectly.  It was also very comfortable and light, which was a surprise.  He had expected all of that metal to weigh a hundred pounds.  At last he set his hands on the weapons.  “I don’t know what to do with these,” he said.  “I never killed anything bigger than a spider.”

            “You need to bring them,” Macreedy said.

            “I can help you put them in place,” Ellean said.  “These are like the ones our God carries.”

            “They are?”  Glen spoke absentmindedly because he was trying to figure out where they hooked on, and they appeared to have rings that only needed hooks.

            “Wait.”  Macreedy stopped Ellean in her tracks and he looked very suspicious.  “Try calling to them,” he said.


            Macreedy stepped over and took the weapons and laid them out again on the bed.  “Try calling to them,” he repeated.

            Glen looked at Sandra who had gotten up to watch the proceedings, but she could only shrug.

            “A virtue in their making,” Macreedy suggested.  “They were given to you so you should be able to call to them and they should fit themselves into place.”

            “Like magic?”  Sandra was not slow to catch the implication and Macreedy nodded.

            “OK,” Glen said, but he sounded doubtful.  “All-ee, all-ee in come free.”  He shouted and shrugged because nothing happened.  He was kidding.  He tried again.  “Sword, here.  Knife here.  Here, swordy, swordy, swordy.”  Still nothing happened.  He tried a poor man’s Shakespeare.  “Afixeth thyself before I be off, oft.”   He shrugged again.  “Nothing.”  Macreedy looked relieved. 

            Ellean began to move again to help him, but Glen held out his hand.  He was getting into this.  “Open sesame.  Attach sesame.”  He started in on loony tunes, beginning with Yosemite Sam.  “Ya gal-dern galoots!”  He went on for a while with nonsense words until he said something that sounded almost like a string of consonants with hardly any vowels at all, and the sword and knife jumped.  They rushed at Glen so he was inclined to cover his face.  He thought that maybe he angered the inanimate objects – the sharp inanimate objects, but then he heard several clicks and Sandra applauded, Ellean shouted something not at all like “golly gosh!” and Macreedy went back to looking suspicious.

            “Well.”  Glen looked up and smiled.  “But they can stay where they are because otherwise I will probably cut my foot off.”

            “Why would you cut your foot off?”  Sandra asked.

            “If I had a gun I would probably shoot my foot off and I figure fair is fair.”  And that ended the discussion about the weapons.  Glen saw that both Ellean and Macreedy sported long knives at their belts and both carried bows, and that felt like more of a comfort than anything he might carry.

            Sandra and Ellean found the food that had been left for their breakfast.  It looked like the troops pulled out before dawn since they and their tent were all that was left in the area, and Glen looked all around.  When he returned, the tent was already reduced to a cube the size of Macreedy’s hand which the elf slipped into his side pack.  The fire was still burning, though, and they had bacon and eggs cooking.

            “There goes any chance of getting my clothes back, I suppose,” Glen said.

            “I think you look good,” Sandra grinned.

            “What, for Halloween?”

            Sandra stood up to whisper in his ear.  “You look sexy,” she said and quickly scooted to the other side of Ellean.

            “My birthday is the day after Halloween.  I’m open to suggestions on presents,” Glen said, and Sandra turned a little red beneath her blond hair.  Macreedy temporarily dropped his suspicious look for a confused look.

            “I don’t understand the game,” he admitted with a shake of his head.

            “Human mating ritual,” Glen said.  “You should try it sometime.”  He pointed at Ellean with a shake of his head.  Macreedy made no response other than to open his mouth, wide.

            “Enough of that,” Sandra scolded.  “Breakfast.”  And they all ate what they could, even Glen who was not normally a breakfast person; but to be sure, none of them knew when they might get another good meal.


NOTE: To read this story from the beginning or to read any of the stories of the Traveler please click the tab “Traveler Tales” above.  You can read any of the stories independently, or just the Vordan story, or the whole work in order as written.  Your choice.  Enjoy.  –Michael.

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