My Universe: Before History

My universe is where my stories occur.  Your universe…well, maybe you haven’t thought it through.  Hopefully this will help.

Before History Began

Science has suggested of late that there are many planets in this universe that may be capable of supporting life but few that may actually have the right combination of elements and events to produce life.  In my universe, our earth is one of the few worlds which I call “seed planets.”  Life came to exist on earth years ago and it has grown, shifted, been shifted, changed or evolved over the course of all those years producing a rich variety of species in age after age.

In my universe, the powers on the earth (Titans) watched over this ever changing landscape of life and made the effort at certain points in pre-history to preserve that which would otherwise be lost.  This was done by “seeding” other capable but otherwise barren worlds, generally within range of the earth—in this arm of the galaxy.  One of the first was the Diplodocus, a reptilian species that might best be described as “intelligent dinosaurs.”  There were others.

In the “Middle Era,” the so-called elder races were essentially humanoid in shape and type—the more so as time moved toward the younger races.  In the last days of the Middle Era, there were primarily two elder races native to the earth, and one younger race, us.

The Gott-Druk (Neanderthal) worked in stone, and lived for the most part in small and family groups, spread out over the west: North Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean.  The Gott-Druk were responsible for building the Sphinx along the Nile, and their greatest place of gathering was in the place that came to be called Jericho in later ages.  They also built temples on Malta, and a cult of painters arose in Europe—all of which we can see in our day.

The Elenar (Cro-Mangon) worked in wood and thus little, if any of their great works remain to us.  They were more advanced (technologically) at the time, having invented the wheel, the plow, and having domesticated numerous animals and practiced agriculture.

We, Homo Sapiens, the younger race learned fast and had just begun to build our own “cities” primarily in the Tigris-Euphrates area when the unthinkable happened.

By that time, some of the ancient races had begun the exploration of space.  One group in particular visited the earth and set up trade.  They were the Agdaline, a species of blithering geniuses with little or no sense of humor.  Their faces would be recognized from the many copies carved from the stones of Easter Island—but that is a story unto itself.

These Agdaline were confined by the powers to the area roughly between Jericho and the place of the Lion (on the Nile).  There, they could meet with Gott-Druk, Elenar, and humans, though we humans had little to offer that might interest them.  The Elenar and Gott-Druk began a rapid advance into technological matters, but soon enough the disaster happened. 

While experimenting with zero gravity and potential light speed technology, the Agdaline inadvertently ripped the atmosphere off their home world and sent a small moon hurtling through space, headed toward us.  There was not much time.  The Powers on the earth forced the Agdaline to give near-light speed and cryogenic (sleeper) technology to the Gott-Druk and Elenar who were then directed to new worlds where they could survive the catastrophe. 

Before you think this was an over-the-top leap in technology, though, let me remind you that at one point we had horse drawn carriages and some steam engines with rail tracks and muzzle loaded muskets and within a measly hundred years we set foot on the moon and mastered the atom itself and we do the internet.  A hundred years ago, we were just figuring out the electric light.

And us humans, with this moon hurtling straight at us?  We were left to our own devices.  When the moon grazed the earth and set the planet to wobble in earnest, and melted the ice caps and flooded the planet, a few people survived in a gopher-wood boat, but that too is another story.

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