Test Your Knowledge part 4 of 4: after this, it’s back to work…

31.  The side kick in The Magic Flute is:

  1. Pinoccio
  2. Popageno
  3. Papa John

32.  William Tell Overture was written by:

  1. Rossini
  2. Mozart
  3. The Lone Ranger

33.  The Sound of Music was written by:

  1. Lerner & Lowe
  2. Rogers & Hammerstein          
  3. Lewis & Clarke

34.  The Dali Lama is:

  1. A famous religious man
  2. A famous sandwich
  3. A famous circus animal

35.  Along with conquering Western Europe, Julius Caesar was famous for inventing:

  1. The ides of March
  2. The Calendar
  3. The salad

36.  The first Western non-Moslem to complete the Hadj to Mecca was:

  1. Lawrence of Arabia
  2. Richard Burton
  3. Elizabeth Taylor

37.  The famous medical explorer of darkest Africa was:

  1. Doctor Livingston
  2. Doctor Stanley
  3. Doctor Spock

38.  The famous Indian practitioner of non-violent civil disobedience was:

  1. Gunga-Din
  2. Ghandi
  3. Gumby

39.  The great Greek philosopher was:

  1. Plato
  2. Plutarch
  3. Pluto

40.  The Victorian terror of London was a person called:

  1. Doctor Jeckel
  2. Jack the Ripper
  3. Mac the Knife

Answer Key:

 Bonus questions: For the rest of it, it is like I tell my kids:  “Go look it up!”  (think of it as additional procrastination time)…

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