Test your Knowledge part 2 of 4…opportunity to procrastinate

11.  The early radio was invented by:

  1. Marconi
  2. Machiavelli
  3. Macaroni

12.  The Peanut was first exploited by:

  1. Thomas A. Edison
  2. George W. Carver
  3. Charles M. Shultz

13.  The flight at Kitty Hawk was accomplished by:

  1. The Wright Brothers
  2. The Smith Brothers
  3. The Smothers Brothers

14.  The first man to fly a plane solo across the Atlantic was:

  1. Limburger
  2. Lindberg
  3. Limbaugh

15.  Who set a foot on the moon?

  1. Buzz Aldren
  2. John Glen
  3. Ruth Buzzy

16.  The Man for All Seasons was:

  1. Thomas Moore
  2. Clement C. Moore
  3. Michael Moore

17.  Robinson Caruso was written by:

  1. Danny Devito
  2. Daniel Defoe
  3. Bob Denver

18.  The Raven was written by:

  1. Edgar Allen Poe
  2. Ralph Waldo Emerson           
  3. The Disney Channel

19.  The Scarlet Letter is the Story about:

  1. The letter F
  2. The letter A
  3. A letter to Santa

20.  Shakespeare wrote many tragedies, including:

  1. Romeo & Juliet
  2. Pyramis & Thisby       
  3. Lewis & Clarke

Bonus Question:

2.  The 51st State is sometimes said in reference to:

  1. The Senatorial Bar & Grill
  2. Puerto Rico    
  3. New York City

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