MAGIC: Wicked magic

In my universe:

Since all magic is sourced in the exercise of spiritual  power over this universe of matter and energy, it is not appropriate to say all such magic is intrinsically wrong.  Such thinking led to the death of many an innocent person in the days of the witch hunts.  But simply having the power or ability to do something is not wrong anymore than to suggest that a basketball player is wrong for being able to sink baskets or a singer is wrong for singing.  Just because there was a Doctor Mengele, that does not mean we should now condemn all doctors.

The right and wrong of any situation is not in the ability, but in the use of that ability.  In short, wickedness in magic, like anywhere else, is when a person uses their ability in an inappropriate or twisted way.  In other words, it isn’t a question of talent, but one of authority.

You can read for yourself how the prophets of old were reluctant to exercise any power, even God given power, and even when God told them to do it.  God had to say, in effect, this is what I am authorizing you to do: raise the widow’s son, speak to the people of Israel, call down plagues upon Egypt.

It is no different in the New Testament and the early church.  First they prayed for authority and then they spoke boldly.  The reason the Witch of Endor is condemned is not because of what she did – she certainly had the power to do it – but because she had no authority to do it!

Authorization is a nebulous thing when the ancient Gods themselves are presumably under the guidance of the Most High God (the source) and yet exercise considerable independence in both thought and action.  The God’s, of course, could do almost anything, but they at least knew that not everything was expedient.  Most knew not to cross the line, but then the line often appeared as a large gray area.

All the more when it comes to humans with magic; humans who have a history of not listening to God.  The temptation is to do everything a person can do, and to seek ways to increase their power and abilities so they can do even more.  Wisdom speaks of restraint and seeking out the purpose for the gift.

One way to tell wicked magic is when the one with magic attempts to control events and the environment around them for their own personal benefit.  You can be sure that other people will be hurt in that process, and God is not likely to authorize damaging others for personal gain.  A good lesson for non-magical life. 

Another obvious wicked use of magic is the attempt to take power over others and shape (even possess) their minds and hearts.  Freedom of conscience is a God given liberty and it ought not to be abused.  Even non-magical tyrants should learn this.

Now, I am not going to list all the ways magic can be turned wicked.  I could not possibly list them all, so let me just reiterate that wickedness (evil) in magic is seen, not in the magic itself, but when the magic is used in inappropriate, twisted and unauthorized ways.

This is how I have conceived magic in my universe.

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