Halloween Questions just for you…

Halloween Story is complete and under the tab: The Other Earth. 

Ghosts, under the tab Strange Tales, is also a good read for the season.  Enjoy.

Meanwhile, I have some Halloween thoughts and questions:

Natural selection:  If this is a fact, why is there still road kill?  Shouldn’t all the stupid squirrels be dead by now?  (What?  This is just gross thinking?  Well, hasn’t Halloween become just gross)?

What are parents thinking when they encourage their children to dress as the most grotesque and evil costumes they can find?  OK, maybe some parents think Halloween is only a time for spooky, scary stuff, but really:  what are they promoting in the minds of the children?

You know, kids used to dress their dreams at Halloween: princess, knight, fairy, clown, angel, superhero, and the ever popular  “what I want to be when I grow up.”  Some still do, I suppose.  Then again, maybe some kids don’t dream anymore.  Maybe all they have are nightmares.

So, is Frankenstein’s monster a kind of zombie, or what?  And whoever decided the job of the undead was to eat the living – Romero?

 So, is your neighborhood safe to let your children trick-or-treat.  No?  Do you know your neighbors?  What can you do to make it safe?

So, is the Wizard of Oz still a Halloween treat at your house?  And when was the last time anyone bobbed for apples?  How about reading Washington Irving (Sleepy Hallow)?  What are your special Halloween traditions?

So, do you remember Samhaine, Halloween, or All Hallows Eve?  Will you take time on the following morning to remember the good on “All Saints Day” as the world moves from darkness to light?

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