Series: Tales of the Other Earth Story: Halloween Story part 17 M/F Story

            Opas and Miraz barely got back to the door before the young boy arrived. 

            “Wonder what’s in the bag?”   Opas asked.

            “Straighten up, Opas.”  Miraz said.  “Cute, though, him being dressed.  I guess everyone in this world walks around in costumes.”

            “Trick or treat.”  The little boy said, holding out his open bag in anticipation.

            “Go on, boy.  You don’t belong here.  Go home, it’s late.”  Opas tried.

            “So what are you?”  Miraz was squinting, trying to figure out the costume.

            “I’m a ghost.”  The boy said.  “Trick or treat.”  He repeated, optimistically.

            “What’s a trick or treat?”  Opas asked out loud.  That made the boy pause to think a minute before he answered.

            “My dad says you are supposed to give me a treat or I will play a trick on you.”

            “Ah-ha.”  Miraz said as he and Opas exchanged knowing, smiling glances.  “Wouldn’t want to have a trick played on us.”  Miraz pretended to be scared by the idea.

            “So what kind of treats you got in there?”  Opas asked.

            “Candy.”  The little boy said, holding his bag a little more open and a little higher.  When the soldiers did not respond right away, he added a sour note.  “’course Mrs. Douman gave me an apple.  Shouldn’t do that on Halloween.  That was not nice.”

            “Eh, Opas.”  Miraz nudged his fellow.  “Give the boy a copper, eh?”

            “What.  Me?”

            “Go on.  You can afford it.  You always got a copper or two on you.  I know you.”  Opas turned away from his friend to hide his actions while he reached into his pocket.  He pulled out a couple of coins.  “Give him one for me, too.”  Miraz said.  Opas put one copper in the boy’s bag and stared at Miraz with a hard and cruel expression on his face.  Then he looked at the little boy and softened, and tossed another copper into the bag.  The boy looked in his bag for a moment.  He was not sure pennies were worth much.

            “Dennis!”  A woman was calling from the street.  The boy turned.

            “Happy Halloween.”  The boy shouted as he ran toward the woman.  Opas and Miraz waved good-bye.


            “I can’t believe it.”  The couch potato spoke.  “It rained inside the building.  I’m gonna get moldy.”

            “Me, too.”  Raggedy Ann agreed.  “Lucky Barbie!  She’s plastic.”

            Lucky my non-existent behind.”  Barbie disagreed.  “Then again, it did put a damper on Super Model Kylie.”

            “Hurrah!”  Raggedy Ann cheered.

            “Next year Hells Angels.”  The Couch said, followed quickly by, “Help!”  A Truscan soldier came over to sit down.

            “Watch it!”  The dolls shouted together.

            “And get off me, you moose!”  The couch yelled at him.  The Soldier decided to retreat to the cafeteria.


            Max Man and Maxamillian had the biggest sandwiches Chef Bob would let them make.  They had already eaten all of the pizza which had been prepared for the next day’s school lunches.

            “Yummy for my tummy!”  Max Man howled.

            “Undoubtedly delectable!”  Maxamillian echoed. 

            The sandwiches took two bites each and a fair amount of finger licking.

            “Hey!”  Someone yelled at them for the sucking sounds.  “Shhh!”  The nun was in the next chair letting her friends feel the baby kick.  Snow White was there, with the stewardess and the farm girl whose chief expression seemed to be, “Golly-ee.”  Babette, the upstairs maid, also came to feel the baby, though no one understood a word she said since it was all in French.

            “Seen Kyle?”  The Sheriff walked up to the group.  “The pimp.”  He explained.

            “No.”  The stewardess answered for the group.

            “Thank the Lord.”  Sister Elizabeth said.  She was wearing her rosary down to the string.


            “No.”  Snow White answered that time and the Sheriff walked off leaving them to wonder what was up.


            It was then that the kids from room 204 came down the stairs.  The first thing they heard was a police whistle.  A police woman, that none of them recognized, was standing at the crossroads of the hallways, shouting at someone on rollerblades.

            “No rollerblading in the school building!”  The officer sounded mad.  They followed her since it was on the way to the gym, and they saw where someone had moved some big cardboard boxes into the hall.  The officer took out her club and tapped the boxes on the outside.  “Close it up.  I have all they sympathy in the world for the homeless, but you can’t set up housekeeping in the school in the middle of a dance.”  A man with a harmonica and a woman with a guitar, both looking like they had not taken a bath in a month, got out and began to argue a little.  The kids from 204 walked on to the gym door.

            “That was weird.”  The Grim Reaper commented.

            Both ghosts and the devil girl nodded, and then stopped short when they saw what was inside the gym.  The music was far louder than Mister Deal would have ever permitted, though they already knew that; but then, the room was full of adults, and if they were in costume, they were the most realistic costumes ever seen.  The children hardly knew what to think, and it really got strange when the devil girl and the skeleton began to point out some of the dancers.  They both thought the flapper looked like Gerry, and the Bride looked like Cathy.  They were divided on whether or not the ballerina was Felicia, but they were certain that the racecar driver looked like Jeff Barnes – and Jeff had come dressed as a racecar driver.

            “I can’t handle this.”  Scream muttered beneath his mask.

            “I’m going to sit down on that couch over there.”  One of the ghosts said, and like a group attached, they moved en mass.  Lucky for the couch, a girl of about eighteen or twenty with long blond hair and a flower painted on her cheek intercepted the group.

            “Welcome children.”  She said.  That made them feel better, until the devil girl spoke up.

            “Mrs. Finster?”

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