Seven Seven Seven… I Got Tagged.

I got tagged.  I guess I’m it.  Eve Gaal (on Facebook) tagged me to do a seven-seven-seven.  I have to post seven lines from the seventh page of a work in progress, and then tag seven more people to do the same.  Of course, I don’t just work on one thing at a time.  I am presently working on the next season of Avalon, a middle-grade book titled The Golden Door where I shredded the ending, and I am trying to finish Amazons, Book 3 so I can move on to the next story in the Elect series, Junior Year.  What to choose?  The Lady or the Tiger?  In this case, I think I will go with the tiger.

I am sure you know I write young adult (middle grade/new adult) science fiction/fantasy adventures.  The following passage is from Amazons, Book 3, the paragraph at the start of page seven is conveniently seven sentences long


The Tiger filled the computer screen before the tiger nose poked out from the screen and the tiger began to push its way into Steven’s bedroom.  Steven ran.  Millie and Archie screamed.  When enough of the tiger mouth squeezed into the room, the tiger roared.  Millie ran.  Archie added another scream before he followed.  By then, the tiger’s front paws were free of the computer and its mouth drooled on the keyboard in anticipation.


No snappy dialogue, but something to chew on.

Now to tag people.  I’m going to double up because I am not sure everyone I tag will continue this madness, and Mark Richard Hunter (already tagged) is a buzzkill (his word) and has opted out of putting people on the spot…  So here goes:

  1. Barry Parham (may be already tagged) and KB Cash because if he isn’t writing something, he should be.
  2. Paul Wonning and Gary Wonning, because Paul at least has Mossy Feet
  3. Timothy Hurley and Tom Kizzia, because after Paul and Gary, the left coast needs equal time. Besides, I am not sure what Brother Tom is working on after Pilgrim’s Wilderness so I am being nosey.
  4. Anthony Vicino and James Harrington, a couple of writers from WordPress so this thing can expand out of control.
  5. Rosanne Dingli and Lucy Pireel, because this thing needs to go international
  6. Rai Aren and Rodney Johnson, though I don’t know what either may be working on
  7. Cheryl B. Dale and Graeme Smith, a couple of friends from my former life on the Writer’s Digest forum.
  8. And because I can’t count, I want to add a couple of good friends from Writer’s Mayhem, though most of the Mayhemen have already been tagged. Lena Winfrey Hayat and Will Schaduw, because if William Kendall won’t do it, maybe his Schaduw will.

Honorable Mention:  Jeff Yeager, because maybe he can figure out how to do this for less…  No, I’m not sure how we can do less than free fun…

While you are at it, look these people up, read their works and enjoy.


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