Avalon and the Beginning

Next week, beginning on Monday, Avalon 4.2 The Storm Overhead begins posting.  It is another six-part episode, so it will post on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the following week parts 4, 5 and 6 will post again on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Episode 4.2, The Storm Overhead introduces us to the Kairos-Devya mentioned in episode 4.0.  Devya is the one trying to build a sanctuary at the center of the Silk Road.  She has the amulet of peace and prosperity, and it is a great help, until it gets stolen.  Wait and see…

Like a good television show, you should be able to watch (read) an episode or two and get the gist of the way it works, the characters, the setting and all.  I do hope that is the case if you have joined the stories late, but in the meanwhile, I understand beginning on season 4 can be hard, if you have just joined us.  Even if you followed season 3, I imagined you might want to go back to see how all of this started.  (It may just be my imagination, but just in case, there is a way to start at the beginning.)

You can go to Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc., search for M G Kizzia and get the e-book for yourself.


Avalon, The Pilot Episode is on line for purchase for a whopping 99 cents.  Even I can afford that.  But then, The Pilot Episode is not where I recommend beginning.

I recognize that understanding just who this Kairos is, as one person, the same person in different lifetimes, and how this multiplicity of characters that the Kairos becomes, actually works throughout history.  It may be a difficult concept to grasp, for some.  (I know some have grabbed hold of the idea, but others, not so much).  Thus, I recommend people start with the prequel, Invasion of Memories, which is also available in E-book format from your favorite dealer for the amazingly low price of $1.99.  A price that even your Great Aunt Matilda could afford if she could figure out what this internet business was all about.

In Invasion of Memories, earth is in danger of being invaded by the alien Vordan.  The Kairos, Glen, (present day) is forced to confront that trouble head on to try and prevent mass destruction breaking out all over the planet.  Only one problem.  He doesn’t remember that he is the Kairos, the Traveler in Time, the Watcher over History.


Glen slowly gets his memories back.  He does this by remembering and telling stories of earlier times in his life when he did remember being the Kairos.  That makes this an unique novel.  A true story surrounding numerous short stories.  You get two for one here—a novel and short story collection all in one.

Invasion of Memories will give you a good idea of who the Kairos is, how he or she is able to draw on the strength of lifetimes from the past and the future, and how this unique character functions in the course of the Avalon stories.  It will also introduce the ‘Men in Black” including Lockhart and Boston, and in the end, Lincoln, whose wife is still missing.  This leads directly into Avalon, The Pilot Episode.

The stories are worth the read, and certainly worth the price.  Find them at an E-dealer near you under M G Kizzia, and whatever you read, Happy Reading.

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The Travelers from Avalon: Where do they go from here?

Avalon, the Pilot Episode is now up on Amazon for a whopping 99 cents.






When Lincoln’s wife Alexis goes missing, he begs the mysterious Kairos for help to get her back.  The Kairos determines her father has kidnapped her and dragged her unwillingly into the deep past.  He brings Lincoln and his whole mission team to his home on Avalon, a place normally hidden from the human race, and to the chamber of the great crystal called the Heart of Time.  This crystal has recorded all of human history, and it can be used for time travel if one knows how. 

Through the Heart, the Kairos transports the entire mission team to the beginning of history; but there are complications.  In order to save Alexis, the Kairos is required to sacrifice himself.  That leaves the mission team with only one option.  To return to their proper time in the future, they will have to travel the hard way, through the time gates and across the time zones.  This will bring them through all of recorded history, many unexpected and unknown historical details, and some nasty surprises.

Written in episodic form, each time zone centers around a different lifetime of the Kairos, a person who has lived 121 times since the beginning of history.  Each time zone presents unique difficulties.  The travelers have to try not to disturb history, which is hard to do when they are fighting for their lives.  But the Kairos, you understand, never lives a quiet life.  And then, not too many years ago, certain … things where driven into the past.  Some of those things may be content to follow the travelers back into the future.  Most have picked up their scent, but some are hunting them.

Avalon, the Pilot Episode is all you need to begin the journey.

Don’t miss Avalon, Season One COMING SOON.  Same E-read, same E-channel.

Also, look for Avalon, the prequel.  Invasion of Memories, where the Kairos in our day comes out of a time of deep memory loss too quickly.  In order to keep his mind from becoming overwhelmed and incapacitated he tells stories from his past, stories from when he remembered who he was, the Kairos, the Traveler in Time, the Watcher over History.  He knows he cannot afford to become incapacitated, because there are three Vordan battleships on the dark side of the moon, and they are preparing to invade.


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Avalon Season 3:  Life in the twenty-first century was never like this!   In the third season, Civilization begins to show its true colors with piracy, slavery and human sacrifice..  Roland and Boston heat up.  Roland may ask Boston to marry him, and his father Mingus will have to do some serious adjusting, again.  All of the “unsavories” presently following the travelers begin to get anxious for fear the travelers may be slipping away.  And they find some new shadow beneath the full moons where Bob, the insane man they once showed kindness to … Well, they say werewolves always kill the ones they love.  Technological and alien wonders, magic and mayhem, and the struggle to race with the human race and stay alive.