The Missing Piece: Avalon Reviewed

Avalon Reviewed

I was clear.

Avalon, episode 4.2 is six (6) posts long.  That came on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week–posts which can be found on the blog under ‘recent posts’–and will come on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  You should not expect a Thursday post, yet here we are.

It occurred to me that last Thursday, at the end of the previous six post episode, I gave into crass commercialism under the guise of being helpful to readers.  I suggested people might want to visit their favorite e-book retailer (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, or whoever) and search for M G Kizzia.  invasionofmemories

If you were having a hard time grasping just who this ‘Kairos” is and wondered about her or him ‘trading places’ with other lives in the past or future, you might consider the low, low price of $1.99 and get the prequel to this whole Avalon avaloncover1mayhem, a book titled Invasion of Memories.

If, on the other hand, you were curious about the Avalon series itself and thinking it might be nice to start at the beginning, you might consider the even lower price of $0.99 and get The Pilot Episode which, curiously, is titled: Avalon, The Pilot Episode.  Odd how that worked out, but I do try to keep things simple for readers… And I applaud you for being one in this current climate.avaloncover2

M G Kizzia should be an easy search on whatever platform you frequent.  I searched it myself and realized I left something out…  The Pilot Episode is a quick read… So of course Season One is available.  Being a full length book (over 80,000 words) it is available for the incredibly low price of $1.99.

You would think after all the Churchill I put into these stories (blood, sweat, toil and tears), $1.99 is not too much to ask.

Of course, posting Season Four and promoting Season One begs the question: Where are Seasons Two and Three?  They are coming.  Soon.  And I mean it.  If you read the prequel, you will understand how I feel about the word soon…

If you prefer to read fashion magazines and/or tool catalogues, I can’t help you.  But if you enjoy speculative fiction adventure stories, you will find them in Avalon.


Storyteller Wednesday: Market Schmarket.

I have been telling stories all my life.  I said screw the job and started putting stories on paper about seven years ago.  I started writing seriously about five years ago.  I started this Storyteller blog roughly two and a half years ago and the companion Word & Spirit blog in January 2010.

I have publicized nothing.  I have occasionally commented on certain forums and am known for offering my blog address with my comments.  Likewise, I often read but rarely comment on other blogs, though I leave my address when I do; but that is it.  I am not even sure my own mother knows I have a blog, much less two.

So I don’t publicize to speak of.  I also talk about stories and continue to tell stories, but I generally do not talk about my writing or even that I am writing.  And to date I have been content to post stories on my blogs, both blogs, for free. 

Some people think I am nuts.  They tell me if I am not interested in traditional publishing I should at least consider e-publishing.  Put the stories, books, novels up on Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, Apple, Sony.  With a little marketing you should at least get something out of all that hard work.

“Aye, there’s the rub,” (said an author you have no excuse for not knowing).  I am the biggest marketing moron I know.  But then there is this, and let me misquote Tennyson (another person you should know):  “It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.”


I suppose in the weeks to come I will have to chronicle making a big fool of myself.  Maybe I can become one of those annoying people on the forums who post with an air of desperation  (Please buy my book, oh please, oh Please)…  God, I hope not.