The Elect 8, The Gathering: part 1 of 4

The house could only be called a mansion. The beautiful lawn and sculpted gardens with several fountains took up the hillside and were interrupted only by the long driveway. Inside, one room had three walls covered with books. The fourth wall had a large opening that led to a glassed in porch with a view of the equally impressive back yard. A small and frail looking old woman sat at the oversized mahogany desk that dominated the center of the room. She had an old landline phone in her hand.ab boston library

“Yes, dear. But you must remind the sisters that we are not invulnerable. Yes, dear. Very good dear. Yes, they are just bringing them in now.” Two men in overalls carried a big wooden box into the room and set it in the center of the floor. One man struggled with a crowbar to open the lid.

“No. I don’t mind at all. I will be happy to send them.” The old woman waved to the middle aged woman who stood by the door. The middle aged woman got the idea, stepped up and pulled something out of the box to bring to the old woman who continued to talk on the phone. “No dear, I have no need for them. They are just collecting dust in the attic.”

The middle aged woman held up the item and twirled it so the older one could get a good look. The old woman nodded, but only spoke into the phone. “Yes, they appear to be in like-new condition.” The old woman reached for the item. “Yes, good-bye.” She hung up

ab boston axeWith the item in old woman’s lap, the middle aged woman stepped up and pulled the old woman’s wheel chair from behind the desk. The old woman held a fire-red axe with a large, curved, and very sharp looking blade. She heaved it and the workmen went slack-jawed when the axe sank a full inch into the solid plaster and wood covered wall.

“Yes, that will do nicely,” the old woman said.


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