Avalon 3.10: part 5 of 5, Dispersal

Hadj’s first wife, Ishitak stood beside a woman, a stranger, and the only suggestion as to who it might be was Ishitak’s downturned eyes. She suggested a pose of reverence. The woman spoke first.

“You must be Hadj. Hadj of the three wives. Traveler in Time. Watcher over history. Kairos of the earth, and I see you have your hands full.”

Hadj paused and rubbed his chin before he felt a sudden urge, stepped up and kissed the goddess on the cheek. The goddess’ eyes got big. It may have been the first time she was surprised in her whole life. She lost a touch of control for a moment and let out a smidgen of her awesome nature. Sokar gasped, fell to his knees, and covered his eyes with his hands. Ibin el-Wadi joined him and then thought it better to go to his face. Lockhart bowed as well as a twenty-first century American can bow, and Hadj stepped back to rub his chin again.hadj 2

“Don’t tell me,” Hadj said. “Your face is familiar, like family, but I can’t place the name.”

“Kirisha, your sister,” Kirisha stomped her foot in a playful manner, but she put her hand to her cheek where he kissed her and smiled.

“But I thought you were twins,” Hadj said. “I heard you had a sister.”

“Pinikir has the north here, and Susiana, but she says she doesn’t want it. She says it is too much responsibility, but then she has really played with the queen of Susiana. Poor Sokar is so in love with the queen, sometimes I’m afraid he is going to blow up like that flying air thing.”

“She is very beautiful,” Hadj admitted.

“Pinikir stepped inside the woman and shaped the queen’s body and features to match her own,” Kirisha tattled.

“I see,” Hadj said, while Alexis, Lincoln, Roland, Boston and Mingus all came close to see what was delaying Hadj. Lincoln stood beside Lockhart. Roland and Mingus bowed to the goddess. Alexis and Boston curtsied as well as they could, neither as gracefully as a true elf since Alexis was now human, and Boston had just become an elf and was still learning.Barak Hebat 1

“And may I ask who your mother might be?” Alexis asked with her eyes downcast. She felt the goddesses mother would be the telling connection.

“Mother Ishtar,” Kirisha said with a broad smile, “And yes, Lincoln, my grandmother was Innan,” Kirisha lost some of her smile and everyone felt the heartbreak.

“But I should consider my manners,” Hadj said, with a glance at Ishitak who nodded without ever looking up. Hadj went away and Junior came to stand in his place. “You might give your actual brother a hug,” he said, and held out his arms.

“Amun,” the goddess shrieked her joy and raced into his arms for a real hug. “Pinikir is going to be so jealous,” Kirisha said as she returned the kiss to Junior’s cheek. Kirisha stepped back and said something the others hardly expected. “Oh, I almost forgot. You missed one.” She raised her hand and a ghoul appeared beside her. “Do you want this one?”

hadj ghouls 4“No. No. No way,” the people there all shouted.

“I didn’t think so.” Kirisha snapped her fingers and the ghoul collapsed and melted until he was no more than a green and purple smudge on the grass.

Amun nodded and spoke to the goddess as he took her hand. “Don’t go away. I want to hear all about this place you have, and your husband and the others, but first I have to attend to business. Alexis,” he said, and commanded her attention. Even so, it took a moment to remember what she had to say.

“Commander Slurpee died in the night. I’m sorry. I did everything I could.”

“Cody, are you satisfied?”

“I do not understand why these humans should help the Pendratti, but I begin to understand why this planet is off limits.”

“Good. Roland.”

Roland spoke right up. “The Sevarese commander killed his companion during the ghoul attack.” The Sevarese commander was weeping. “There is one left in the transport, but the transport engines are ruined, and the communicator as well, so they cannot contact their ship.”

“That should be along walk,” Mingus guessed.

“Boston?” Junior smiled for her.

Botson, who was on her knees, shuffled forward to hug Junior’s knees. “Oh, Great Lord, I love you so much, and I am willing to do whatever you ask of me even if I may not do it, but please, can I marry Roland now?” She looked up at him with eyes full of pleading and hope.

“She is a cute one,” Kirisha said. “And she is very much in love. And I should know. My mother is the love goddess.”Boston thanks

“Not just yet,” Junior said. “You need Mingus’ permission first,” He tried to look stern, but found it impossible.

“Yes, Lord. Thank you Lord,” Boston said, and she shuffled over to Mingus, gave his knees one good hug, and then sat back on her heels without ever lifting her eyes.

“One more thing,” Amun said, and he called, “Reglala and Ouklee.” the Marzaotipan couple vanished from where they were hiding inside their ship and appeared in front of Junior. “Do you understand that this planet is off limits?”

“Oh yes, very much. Indeed. We do. Oh yes.”

Junior quieted them. “You got a little closer to the fighting than is normal for your kind,” Junior pointed out. “Now you have several destroyed Sevarese fighters and Pendratti fighters from yesterday. You also have a Pendratti and Sevarese transport to salvage, if you dare. But then I expect you to leave this UFO Birdman 6system and not come back. It is for your own safety.”

“Oh yes, indeed. We will. Yes, we will.”

“So everyone listen,” Junior commanded everyone’s attention, and Kirisha squeezed his hand, attracted to the exercise of power. “Hadj will be taking a detour, to take the Pendratti back to his ship. He will send the Pendratti back into space, immediately. You surviving Sevarese will have to walk back to your ship, and that is a long way, so you will have to hurry. The Pendratti will have a reasonable head start.”

Junior looked at Sokar who refused to lift his head. “Sokar,” he said, and made sure the man’s ears were open. “You will take your men back to Susa where you will no doubt continue to worship your queen. But if you are good, and stop doing the queen’s evil, maybe, and I am saying only maybe, mind you, you will find something in your stocking at Christmas … “ Junior shook his hea. “Frosty the Snowman,” he said. “I mean, maybe Kirisha will find you a woman that you can truly love and who will also love you.”

“I am not my sister. I make no promises,” Kirisha caught the reference to Frosty the Snowman and laughed, and everyone smiled at the sound of pure joy. Junior coughed like he was clearing his throat.

“Reglala and Ouklee will take two goats for whatever Elder Stow needs to charge up his equipment, and then they will take their leave and you can leave this world. And Lockhart, by the way, you might stay here for a day or so. I think the time gate will get closer to you as we go toward the Pendratti ship.”

“We will keep an eye on it,” Lockhart said.UFO alien tech

“Good. Ibin el-Wadi. Everyone needs breakfast, and then we need to be packed to leave at dawn.” Ibin el-Wadi dared not speak as Junior and Kirisha vanished.

An hour later, Hadj walked across the field where it looked like some kind of battle took place, even if the ghouls were no more than purple and green smudge spots on the ground, and the trees set on fire by the fighter crash had burned down to hot, red ash. The sun was coming up, and the bodies of the Elamites and the Sevarese made a spectacle.

Anashk and Leahn, Hadj’s second and third wives came running to hug him and grab his arms to carry him back to the camp. They were grinning, and having been so close to a love goddess, and then seeing Hadj become a god who reflected the same love, Hadj had no doubt they had something specific in mind. Ishitak, his first wife, merely stood and was quiet, wiling to wait, but Hadj could see the calculating in her face. Hadj thought he had enough children, but then again, he was only human.


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Avalon 3.2: part 2 of 6, Bluebloods

Weret nudged Elder Stow before the shuttle came to the ground. The sound of the landing was terribly loud, but Weret shouted into the Elder’s ear. “Can you put up a screen wall between us and the ship, just in case?” Elder Stow nodded and pulled out his little box while Weret turned to the Egyptian. “Captain. Captain!” she had to say it twice to get the man to close his astonished mouth and get his attention. “Keep your soldiers on the steps until we see what these visitors do.” The man nodded and ran to get his troop back up on the steps.

The shuttle set down in the courtyard. There was a minute while the engines shut down before a door opened up on the side of the ship. Three men stepped out, and despite the fancy blue and gold striped space suits with the high collars, and certainly in their faces and hands, they appeared human, if one discounted the slightly blue tint to the skin.

“Disappointing,” Lincoln whispered. “I expected jello-blobs.”Blueblood landing

Lockhart whispered back. “You always think they should be jello-blobs.”

“He does,” Alexis confirmed and took Lincoln’s arm.

The three Bluebloods spread out. They had their weapons drawn and the way they moved caused Decker to go on high alert. He pulled his rifle up to the ready, and that caused Katie to do the same.

Weret moved two steps down, opened her arms and said her speech. “Welcome. The King is pleased to greet you and requests your presence in the hall of the gods.” She smiled. The Bluebloods answered with a full blast of their shuttle’s main gun. It stopped short of the steps while Elder Stow monitored his box.

“Impressive,” he said. “A real antique bit of fireworks, but impressive strength. That is about as far as they can go down that energy line before they hit a dead end and have to find a new energy source.”

“That was rude!” Weret looked angry, She stomped her foot on the steps, but the travelers smiled as did the Egyptians. Weret’s angry face was extremely cute, and her pregnancy just enhanced the cuteness. “Elder Stow,” she called, and he stepped down to join her.

“Gott-Druk.” One of the Bluebloods shouted when he saw him.

“I don’t know what you are thinking,” Weret groused. “There are no Pendratti or Sevarese here or whomever it is you are fighting right now.” She raised her hands to be sure she had their attention. “I gave you my King’s greeting,” she said and vanished from that place to be replaced by Junior in the full armor of the Kairos. The Bluebloods took a step back at that transformation. The Egyptian soldiers fell to their knees and dared not look up at the god.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Now you need to hear the rules. You are not to kill the locals. You can visit, but only if you leave your weapons behind.” He snapped his finger and the three weapons in the hands of the three Bluebloods in the courtyard vanished. “Second, you are not permitted to breed on this planet. If you do, the baby will be aborted and so will the offending party. This planet is off limits for breeding. Third, you will show due respect for all who have authority on this planet. If you are here to repair your ship, as I see you are, do so, but break the rules and you will have a long walk home.” Junior snapped his fingers and the shuttle vanished. The man and two women still inside the shuttle were deposited on their rumps on the ground. Do I make myself clear?” he shouted the last.

The Blueblloods bunched up and showed very human expressions of surprise and wonder. They nodded as Junior went away and Weret came back bearing her meanest expression. It might have been more effective if Weret’s mean face was not even cuter than her angry face. Besides, she could not hold it. Her face blossomed into her beautiful smile as she invited the visitors to come meet her King,

“I’ll say that was clear,” another young woman appeared beside Weret and gave her a sisterly hug and kiss on the cheek. “I heard my younger-older brother all the way down in Bubastis. So what did I miss.”

Weret’s smile got bigger than ever. She was not just happy, she was excited, and she pointed to the travelers.   “Friends of yours.”

The young woman’s eyes got big and she shrieked and literally flew up the steps to wrap her arms first around Katie and then around Lockhart. Katie was the one who guessed.


“My little lion girl?” Lockhart said, and Sakhmet was so thrilled to be remembered, she gave him a kiss. Then she kissed Katie and took their hands.

“I always dreamed if I was born a mortal human, you would be my parents.”

Katie looked up at Lockhart and he stammered, “And I am sure, if we married and had a little girl, we would want her to be just like you.” Katie smiled.

“We are going inside,” Weret said as she walked by. She stuck her tongue out at Sakhmet and Sakhmet returned a pucker-face before she laughed..sakhmet 1

“My younger-older brother makes a great sister. I never had a real sister before.” She looked at Katie and batted her sad little eyes.

“We’ll see,” Katie said, and patted Sakhmet’s hand as she squeezed between the couple and took Katie’s arm and Lockhart’s arm.

Lockhart looked at the woman. “I think our scared little girl desperately trying to reach her father’s house has grown up,” he said. He patted Sakhmet’s other hand.

“You would make a wonderful daughter,” Katie said with an undisguised look at Lockhart.

“I accept.” Sakhmet smiled the smile of a true goddess and guided the couple into the King’s house, where they heard a stick rap three times sharply against a hollow log. A man’s voice followed.

“Narmer, the Aha Hor of the Great God Horus, Master of Aswan, King of Hekhen, Lord of Thebes, Protector of Abydos, the resting place of the Kings, Lord of all the Sedge, Wearer of the White crown and Ruler over all of Upper Egypt, give glory.”

“Holy—“ Katie found her mouth covered by Roland’s hand.

“We are entering days where it will be dangerous to tell what you know or what you think you know,” Roland said. “From now on we need to be careful not to disturb history.”

Katie nodded, and he let her go. She walked past Lincoln who had Alexis’ hand over his mouth in just the same way.

“Better to be like me,” Lockhart confided to Sakhmet. “If you don’t know anything there is no danger of speaking out of turn.”

“Oh, Dad!” Sakhmet scolded, but grinned.