The Other Earth

Halloween Story

It was in 1650 BC when the last human being died.  One of the surviving ancient deities, Poseidon,  hovered over the waters and wept.  The madness was over, but he feared the Earth would be empty forever.  Fortunately, it was not our earth, but it was close.  The only difference between that other earth and our earth was the Traveler was never born over there.  The only difference between the two universes was the creative and variable energies were very strong there and very weak in our universe.

At first, Poseidon thought there might be a chance to save his earth.  He thought to merge the two worlds and thus restore life to his desolate planet.  He drew the other Earth as close as he could, but he found the task of merging the two universes beyond what even the gods could do.  What is more, he discovered that his earth was a mirror image of our own, with Europe pointing to the east rather than the west.  It was not going to work.

It was the goddess Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon on our earth that stumbled into this other earth when they were very close – around 1600 BC.  She offered two suggestions which took hold.

The first was to allow some people the opportunity to cross over from our earth to the other earth and thus repopulate that world.  In particular, she encouraged those people who appeared to have the ability to use the creative and variable energies in that other universe.  Since the two worlds were at present close, those energies were leaking into our universe and interfering with the normal advance of civilization in our universe.

The second was to set the world into a pattern like the moon where they would slowly come toward conjunction and then fade to a distance.  In this way, there might always be new people able to cross over until the other earth became as populous as our own.  It was hoped that eventually there could be good commerce between the worlds.  Also, it would prevent that creative and variable energy from completely corrupting our world.  That turned out to be wise.

What is creative and variable energy?  It is what you or I might call magic.

The cycle takes 600 years.  For three hundred of those years, you might imagine a half-moon to a full moon and back to a half-moon.  During those years, magic becomes more possible on our earth and for the center 100 to 200 or so years, travel between the worlds is possible.  For the other three hundred years, as the pendulum cycles toward the new moon, magic is not possible on our earth.

You can trace the chart yourself, beginning in 1650 BC.

You will notice the half-moon occurred in 1875 AD.  Magic in our world once again started to occur.  Travel between the worlds became possible by 1950, and the full moon will arrive in 2025.  In 2175 the two earths will move out of phase sufficiently to where magic will again be virtually impossible on our earth.  But, who knows what will happen by then?

Oh yes, the worlds have also established a pattern in their conjunction.  Backwards (mirror image and distorted) Europe on the other earth connected to China at first, then Europe, North America, Europe, China, Europe… It is presently over North America.  On a planet where the Sahara was driven into the sea and Europe got shoved to the south, the current “northeast” section of Spain (southeast France) sits along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Kiev sits in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado. You can draw the map.  Maybe someday I will draw it for you…

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