Avalon, The Pilot Episode, by M G Kizzia

Copyright 2011, 2016

MGK Books, Second Edition

Revised and Expanded (version 2.2)

Table of Contents

Part I: Various Nefarious

Thief, Kidnapper, Father.

Meanwhile, Back on Earth

The Tower of Bricks


Part II: Missing Person

Mission Team


The Heart of Time 

The Middle of the Night

Before the Beginning

Part III:  The Beginning of History

Myths and Legends 


The Plains of Shinar





Avalon, Moving into the Future


Avalon, The Pilot Episode, Introduction

Avalon is designed as a television show in written form, with each episode forming a chapter, and thirteen chapters making a whole season, or a book.  Like any good television show, seeing one full episode (or reading one full chapter) should give enough information to grasp who these characters are, the relationship between them, as well as understanding that this is a time travel adventure, where this small group of people are attempting to get back to the twenty-first century.

Thrown back to the beginning of history, the travelers from Avalon must get home the hard way—through the time gates that surround the many lives of the Kairos, the Traveler in time, the Watcher over history.  The time zones are dangerous.  The Kairos never lives a quiet life.  And the travelers understand that they are not the only ones lost in time.  Other people, beings, and creatures are surviving around the edges of the time zones, and some have picked up their scent.  Some are following them, and some are hunting them.  The travelers face a long, hard road to get everyone back to the twenty-first century, alive.

The pilot episode immediately follows the prequel, Invasion of Memories, which is available from your favorite e-book retailer under the author M G Kizzia.  But the Pilot is a good place to start.  After the posting of Avalon, The Pilot Episode, if you want to jump straight to season five, which is ready to begin posting on this website: mgkizzia.com, you will not get lost in the shuffle.  One or two characters may differ, but you should be able to easily follow along.  If you prefer to read the previous seasons, which is fine, you may also find them at your favorite e-retailer.

Only one warning.  I have never been good at the distinction between science fiction and fantasy.  It is like the amulet that leads the travelers from one time gate to the next.  It is a marvelous combination of sophisticated technology and magic.  Thus, you will find science fiction in these episodes, like space aliens and their technological wonders.  You may also find elves, spirits, ancient gods, mythical creatures, and magic of all sorts.  And sometimes, you will find aliens and elves in the same story.  Be prepared.

Thank you for reading.  Happy reading, and enjoy…



Robert Lockhart, a former policeman, now assistant director of the men in black, the one organization on earth in the twenty-first century that deals with strange and impossible things.  He is charged with leading this expedition through time. though he has no idea how he is going to get everyone home—in one piece.

Boston (Mary Riley), a Massachusetts redneck, rodeo rider, and technological genius who finished her PhD at age 23.  A “man in black,” she loves all the adventure, and all the spiritual creatures they encounter, which suggests she may be a bit strange.

Benjamin Lincoln, a former C. I. A. office geek, now a man in black, he determines to keep a record of their journey.  He tends to worry, and is not the bravest soul, but sometimes that is an asset.

Alexis Lincoln, an elf who became human to marry Benjamin; also went to work for the men in black”.  She retained her healing magic when she became human, but magic has its limits.  For example, it can’t make her father happy with her choices.

Roland, Alexis’ younger brother, a full blood elf and gifted hunter.  He came to keep his father Mingus under control and out of his sister’s face.  He discovers there is something in humanity worth saving and protecting.  He knows many of the creatures in the spirit world that they face, including the nasty ones inclined to rise-up out of the dark.

Mingus, father of Alexis and Roland, an elder elf.  He ran the history department in Avalon for over 300 years.  He knows the time zones and the lives of the Kairos but tends to keep his opinions to himself.  And he believes his children are being ruined by so much human interaction.

Doctor Procter, a half-human, half-elf who worked with Mingus in the Avalon history department for years.  The old man, with the long, white beard, also knows the many lives of the Kairos, but at first, he speaks in half-sentence, and soon, the others can hardly get a word out of him.  He carries the amulet, a sophisticated combination electronic GPS and magical device that shows the way from one time gate to the next.

Lieutenant Katie Harper, a marine and a PhD out of the pentagon whose specialty is ancient and medieval cultures and technologies.  She is torn between her duty to the marines, to her boss at Groom Lake, and her desire to be part of this larger universe she is discovering.

Captain Decker, a seal trained marine special operations officer who will do all he can to keep everyone alive, even if it means shooting his way back to the twenty-first century.  He is a skeptic who does not believe half of what they experience—even if he does not know what else to believe.

The Kairos.  But that is a different person in each time zone.


This page will be posted above, under the heading: About Avalon, for your convenience.

Happy Reading.

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