The Elect 19, Great Pretenders: part 1 of 4

Latasha tried to focus on school.  It was not easy.

“Hey, you’re going to miss the bus,” Janet said.

“Where are you going?” Keisha asked at the same lat and friends

“I gotta see Ms Riley,” Latasha answered honestly.  “I have a science question and then Detective Lisa is going to pick me up.”

“I never ask teachers questions.  It means extra work,” Janet said.

“Why do you gotta hang out with the bad guys?” Keisha asked at the same time.

“Ms Riley?”

“No, the police,” Keisha said.

The police were the good guys.  Latasha knew that much, but she was not about to get into an argument about it right then.  “I’ll call you later,” she said and stepped into Ms Riley’s room.  She had to wait.  Wendy was asking a question and Mini was with her.  Latasha kept back.  Wendy and Mini had been good friends in middle school.  It was Latasha, Wendy, Mini, Janet and Keisha all hanging out together.  But since starting high school, Wendy and Mini pulled away.  Latasha was not exactly sure why.

Boston 5Wendy got her answer and let out a big, “Oh, I see.”  She and Mini said hi when they left.  Latasha said hi, but mostly watched.  When the door closed behind them, she turned on her teacher who was waiting patiently.

“Ms Riley.  Are you human?”

Ms Riley smiled ever so slightly and said, “What an odd question.”


Things are not always as they seem, as the elect discover in Episode/chapter 19.

The elect ar one in a million warrior women, called from the beginning of time and empowered to defend the weak, the innocent, the informed, the home when the men went off to hunt or to war.  How three elect end up in the same little town in New Jersey is anyone’s guess.  But thus far, they have all been kept busy.  Poor Emily just wants to get through her freshman year at New Jersey State University with some reasonably good grades.  Poor Latasha.  She is just a freshman at the local high school.  And Detective Lisa keeps chalking up the unacceptable number of missing persons in that little city.

Begun in November 2015 (You can get there through the archives button on the blog), The Elect, Freshman Year is posted Mon. Tues. Wed. and Th. to get the whole chapter in, chapter by chapter, like a true serialized novel.  It is free to read on the blog.  Whatever you do, enjoy.  Happy Reading.

a a happy reading 5

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