Traveler: Storyteller Tales: Vordan 10-2, End…

            “Ethan.”  Jillian shouted, but the screens went up in time.  She ran to the console to stand beside him and Fyodor took a step back.  “It’s near the limit, but holding.”

            “Shall I return fire?”  Ethan asked.

            “The other Vordan ship is trying to join the party.  It looks like missiles,” Lockhart shouted.  There was a different view screen which clearly showed the other ship and he wheeled himself over for a better look.  Boston went with him and Fyodor came to join him, but Glen stayed where he was.  He was enjoying the undisturbed view of the stars, and watching a small asteroid cross his vision from left to right.

            “Ethan, I’m so sorry,” Jillian apologized.  “I thought keeping the screens down would show we mean no hostile intent.”  Ethan said nothing.  He simply returned fire.

            “There,” Fyodor said.  He pointed to a corner of the view screen.  “Another shimmering light.”

            “Where?  Oh, I see it.”  Boston was excited.

            “Diana!”  Jillian scolded her sister, though Diana never could have heard.  A simple blue-white beam came from Diana’s doorway and all of the missiles were easily picked off.  Then a different sort of orange beam covered the Vordan ship, slowly penetrated whatever screens that ship had and shut down all but essential systems.

            The Vordan battleship noticed from the other dimension, but by the time it trained a gun on Diana’s ship, she had vanished again.

            “Diana plugged her power source into the main battle console.  The Gaian weapon increased.  The Vordan weapon flickered a few times before it steadied again.  Then two things happened at once.

            Yet another ship, this one only about the size of the stealth bomber appeared between the two combatants and their most powerful weapons hit a wall of force they could not penetrate.  As long as that little ship was between them, they could not get at each other.  To his credit, Ethan was the first to quit firing.  The Vordan ship quit a few seconds later.  What was the point of continuing?

            At the same time, a Vordan appeared in the Gaian control room, but oddly, he had his back to them all and stood beside Glen to look out at the stars.

            “We could fight and settle this,” the Vordan suggested.

            Glen looked up at the tall, well made creature.  “No way.  You would kick my butt from here to Andromeda.”

            The Vordan laughed.  “You Earthers are fun.  I don’t know why my people can’t see that.”  They paused then while some more people appeared in the control room.  There were several ordinary enough looking Vordan and Lockhart turned his wheelchair to face them.  There were also two more perfect specimens and Jillian and Ethan went to confront them.  Then there were two of the elders who evidentially used some impossible sort of matter transmition device to bring all these people together.

            “Your people don’t belong here,” Ethan spoke first and stated the obvious.  He was not the most diplomatic sort.

            “What are you going to do about it?”  One of the Vordan shot back.

            “What are you going to do about it?”  Melanie followed the lead of her brother even as Jillian tried to calm Ethan.

            “We are not your cyborgs.”  Lockhart spoke to his Vordan having paid close attention to what went on earlier.

            “I can see that.”  The Vordan took a good look at the wheelchair.

            “Our Earth is not your enemy,”  Fyodor added.

            Boston shouted and garnered everyone’s attention.  “A Gott-Druk and an Elenar, together.”  By that she meant the elders who were Neanderthal and Cro-Mangon.  When everyone paused to stare at her, she responded quietly.  “I read the briefings.”

            “Children.”  The Vordan beside Glen spoke and the two turned back to look at the stars.  “I see you have a Zalanid negotiating the peace on earth.”

            “Peace on earth,” Glen sighed.  “Kargill planet.”

            The Vordan nodded.  “I dread the days when the Reichgo come and ruin my people.  But I look forward to when Vordan and Earthers form a true bond of peace.”

            “Peace is better than war,” Glen said.  “No one wins in war.”

            The Vordan paused and looked at Glen.  “Perhaps someday we may debate this.”

            Glen let the suggestion pass.  “I am sorry you have no elders to represent the Vordan side.”

            “Elder races are elder races, regardless.  And these are even elder than Reichgo and Kargill.”

            “True, but they had origin on Earth.  Earth is a Genesis planet.”

            The Vordan nodded and turned once again to the stars.  “My genesis was on the Pendratti home world.”  Glen understood.  The Pendratti were extinct, but the Vordan were among the species that began there.  This Vordan might have always lived as a Vordan, but he might have had a few lifetimes as a Pendratti at first.  Who could tell?

            “So what do you think will happen?”  Glen asked.  He glanced back at the negotiations but did not really eavesdrop.

            “I am confident.  My Pendrag are like your Gaian.  They are ultimately committed to making sure each universe works out its own destiny.”

            “Yes, it is good to have that help with history.  Dimensional interlopers would just be one more thing to worry about.”

            The Vordan nodded.  “I like that word, history.  But we speak of destiny.  You must understand the destiny of the past to understand your place, and you must understand your place to meet your destiny in the future.  It is what you call a rhyming couplet.  A wise word.”

            Glen nodded.  “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

            The Vordan nodded as Glen began to cough.  “Would you like me to heal you?”  Glen shook his head as he coughed up a bit of phlegm and fed it to a tissue he had in his shirt pocket.

            “I haven’t even been to a doctor yet.  Besides, who knows but it may be my time.”

            The Vordan nodded in human fashion before he shook his head.  “I hate that part,” he said.

            “Me, too,”  Glen agreed,  and the Vordan vanished from the room.  When Glen turned around, he saw that all of the Vordan were gone.  “All good?”

            Jillian nodded.  “They will take their people here home and admonish them not to try something this stupid again.  It turns out they are very unhappy with that world because they keep trying to sneak technology to their more backward cousins in other universes.  I assured them we were cleaning up the cyborg mess, and that was that.”

            “We will be taking your local Vordan home,” Ethan added.

            “Will you drag them?”  Fyodor asked.  “I cannot imagine they are built to take faster than light speed, though I suppose you will protect them with a screen of some kind.”

            Ethan shook his head.  “We will just stick them in docking bay two.  There will be plenty of room and to spare.  An hour and twenty minutes later, we will drop them off.  End of story.”

            “Wait.”  Glen shouted.  “You can’t end the story with that.  I’m still missing someone.”  The Vordan reappeared with a man, gray hair and glasses all discombobulated.

            “I believe this is yours,” the Vordan said.  “Live well and die well,” and he vanished again.

            “Go with God,” Glen said.

            “Lincoln!”  Lockhart, Fyodor and Boston all shouted.

            Lincoln straightened his glasses and pulled out the pen and notepad for which he was famous.  “Now where am I?”  He asked before he recognized the others.  “Is Alexis here?”

            Glen shook his head.  “Sorry.  Home Jillian if you don’t mind.  It seems we have to go in search of a wife.  So one story ends and another begins.”

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