A Word about the New Year…

Ah, vacation!

I am back, but before I start writing about writing again, I am wondering about resolutions, or perhaps we can call them New Year’s Revolutions.

If you don’t make them, and I know some don’t, I feel sorry for you.  Resolutions can be good goals, they can offer hope, something to strive for, but they do have to be made in the right way.

If you do make them, how many have you already broken?  See, they need to be made in the right way…

My general resolutions are these:  To read something worth reading, to write and then submit until sold, followed by more reading, more writing and more submitting.  To be clear, I am resolved to the reading and writing part during the submitting part so there is no lag time.

How about you?

I also have specific resolutions, some of which are as follows:

1.         To sing a song worth singing to the end, every verse, in public.  (Think church).

2.         To accompany my wife to the Symphony.  (Something to look forward to).

3.         To hope that my blog is positive and helpful for many.  (I can always hope).

4.         To stop listening to all the negative, critical, badmouth gossips in the world.  (A worthy goal, even if I stop hearing everyone).

I think you get the idea.

So how about you?  Any resolutions?  Any revolutions?

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